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As a client of Your Resume Partners, you agree to be bound by this agreement regardless of whether or not specific action is taken on your part to constitute agreement

Pricing and Services

By using our products and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted our pricing and packages.

If you require rush service, which is defined as any time sooner than indicated by Your Resume Partners, additional fees will apply.

Proofreading and Accuracy

You are responsible for career documents' completeness and accuracy, and for proofreading. We are not liable for any injury or damage caused by omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies.


You must review all career documents and notify us of any needed corrections within 7 days of the date draft copy was e-mailed to you. You are allowed 2 rounds of revisions at that time. If you wish to make revisions thereafter, you will be charged at a rate of $175 per hour - minimum 1/4 hour.

Clients will not get their documents emailed for review unless document is fully paid for.


Once you have paid for your services, there will be no refunds. You acknowledge that our time spent reviewing initial documents, and / or preparing for and conducting client interviews, and / or communicating with you, and / or preparing resumes and other documents, and / or providing all other products and services, is compensable.


We do, however, guarantee that you will get interviews with your résumé if used correctly. Should you feel that your résumé is not effective in the marketplace, we will review the résumé and your documentation of submissions to appropriate employers. Then, we will rewrite the résumé, if necessary.

Cancellation, Chargeback Fees, & Refusal of Service

By purchasing our services, you agree that time is of the essence and that you expressly acknowledge and waive your right to cancel this agreement or request a chargeback from your credit card company under laws governing the State of New York.

Electronic Files & Disk Copies

We provide your career documents in Microsoft Word format. We cannot otherwise guarantee the compatibility of files with your systems or that documents will retain their original formatting features. We may keep electronic or paper copies of documents indefinitely.


Content on this site is our exclusive property, and is protected by law. The compilation of content on this site is our exclusive property and is protected by law.

We expressly reserve all rights related to our copyrights.


We ask you when we need information that personally identifies you ("Personal Information") such as your name and contact information. We use your Personal Information as it pertains to our services. We may also inform you of our new features, services, and products. Your Personal Information is not shared with anyone who does not work for or with us, except with your permission.

We keep client provided writing samples, resumes, and other information confidential. Again, they are not shared with anyone who does not work for or with us, except with your permission.

We reserve the right to use our work (including resumes and other work prepared for you) and your questions, comments, and feedback in instructional, promotional, or other material. We will remove your Personal Information from any such work.

Applicable Law

The laws of the State of New York, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Terms and Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise.